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Indoor Studio Photography

Headshot and Family Portrait Perfection

Capturing Life Event After Event

We are adaptable for projects of any size. From social events to corporate videos, we have the knowledge and commercial demeanor that is sure to impress, without compromising budget.

Detailed Photography

Innovation    Distinction     Refinement

Social Events

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Detailed Photography

Innovation    Distinction     Refinement

Social Events

Engagements & Weddings

Even when wedding photography and video production services are highly demanded, EMG's motivation is not the event itself. We are a multi-purpose media agency - That's what set us apart. Having a "commercial viewpoint" and fashionable approach towards engagement sessions and wedding events, produces imagery that is sure to narrate the beginning of a life-time story. We believe that's exactly what couples want.

Anniversaries & Birthdays

Remember that day when you're mother pulled out old pictures from her dusty treasure box and showed your friends, or maybe your fiance, the mess you made on your 3rd birthday party, or to show your appearance after you loss your front teeth?... Those laughs and  jests, made for those specific moments, are our inspiration.

Sweet Sixteen

Sweet sixteen is like a "the princess is here" day. A day where "all eyes" must be on the princess. We are no exception. Though, we promise to consider family and guests too.   

Family & Corporate Reunions

Family reunion photography for us, is more than just a "Family Photo Session". It is a cheerful social event where the celebration is about its members. Therefore, we strive to revive those moments with our work.  Plus, we love feeling -part of the family- whether it is an organization reunion, business reunion, or a friends' get together.  


Concerts are fun. However, in such a fast-paced environment, keeping up with the lightning, trying to get the right focus and even trying to avoid all the distraction around, can cause the loss of a "Kodak Moment". Therefore we treat this event a little different. We bring aggression, persistence, detail-orientation, and of course, us - The right equipment.  


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Real Estate

When it comes to Real Estate Photography, the right image is the best marketing tool. Images must thrill. Our dedication to detail and endless effort to obtain the best angles and views are sure to interact with your potential buyers. We also provide photography services for developers, architects, remodeling companies, and interior designers under this category.  

Models & Artists

Promotional photography for models and artist goes beyond head shots and portrait photography. Shots taken must be taken from a commercial mindset and a promotional point of view. In other words, we work hand-to-hand with artists, purposely aware of their upcoming projects or projects in development, motives, and professional aspirations. This will help us guide each session to a mutual success.     

Catalogs & Products

The amount of business involved in commercial photography is endless. It is literally everywhere you go. Food menus, clothing, accessories and products for catalogs, magazines, brochures and websites; product packaging, editorial, fashion, merchandise, car dealerships, sports, fine arts, business advertisement and the list goes on and on....


We are very delicate with this type of photography. It's not just a snapshot. It must produce a craving desire. Perfect lighting and correct display is necessary. Whether we shot gourmet food, Italian, foreign, or plates for magazines, recipe books or restaurant menus; our style remains persistent. We uncover the best angles, highlighting the different elements of a dish, and look for the best possible ways to enhance the appearance of a plate. The idea is to sell. Right?     

Promotional Items

The extensive list of promotional items available, and the possible products that can be used, are almost infinite. But if you need photography services, done professionally, to display the best possible image for your marketing solutions; say no more! We've got you covered.  


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Studio Photo Shots

A Studio Photography is exactly that. Indoor photography under a controlled environment with lighting conditions that are artificial and easily manipulated in order to get the best aimed result. Studio photography can involved photography adjusted for products, merchandise, and food. Whether you're looking for advertisement content, professional headshots for any occasion, or a family portrait done correctly, You've come to the right place.

Indoor / Outdoor

Our clients are more than welcome to provide any items or accessories they'd like to use during each session. The scenery approach  is really up to the client. We assist them and use our expertise to enhance their vision. We have different types of backdrops, including a green screen, to accommodate to any indoor studio request. During outdoor sessions, we examine the surrounding environment, with much detail, to assure quality work and impressive creations. Proper lighting is always at our disposal. Our professional photographers are innovative, imagery-focused, and artistic.

Personal and Group Portraits

Personal Photography is commonly called "head shots", generally used with professional motives. While this is true, EMG's imagination goes beyond that! We love thinking "outside the box". Even Though we keep our professional lenses on, at all times, we love modern and innovative creations. Simply speaking, we love fusing imagination and creativity in every shot. For head-shot sessions we provide in-house hair stylist and makeup artist.

Group portraits are treated with the same care and passion as "Family Reunions". (Description Above). Whether you're seeking an indoor studio portrait or outdoors.


We provide professional photography services tailored for artists such as bands, solo artists, models, and actors looking for a fresh, clean, authentic look for their own promotional activities. We include our own in-house hairstylist and makeup artist in our packages.

For makeup artists, looking to promote their work, we have a variety of suggestions that are sure to capture people's attention, including indoor and outdoor sessions. Developing an extensive profile,as you may already know, is essential for presentation.

Children & Family

Whether newborn, toddler, infant or young; we fit perfectly for any occasion such as a graduation memorable, hobby, sport focused, pre-birthday, or even postcards or letterheads; We've got you covered. We'll even print it for you!

Maybe you and your spouse planned a "night to remember" and would love to capture those precious moments. How bout a family reunion?... or maybe just a  family portrait.

Womb & Newborn

The anticipation of a new life coming into planet earth is breathtaking. Nevertheless, capturing that moment before you meet for the first time is an evident memory you hold for a lifetime. The continuation of the first session is overwhelming. Welcoming a newborn baby it's like our "paparazzi gig".
Throughout both sessions, capturing the tenderness and delicacy of God's given gift, it's our inspiration for every shot.

Come! Experience EMG Studios Yourself.

Everything you need is available at EMG. We have have the ability to adapt to any size project or request. Come and visit our studios, at any time during business hours, and discover what we can do for you. Free 30 minute consultations are available upon request. 

Video Production and Filming

Even when these terms are commonly  mistaken as similar, they're not. A film tells a story. A video shares a story.
We know the difference.

Commercial Production

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Social Events

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